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Premier Payroll
Client Year-end Guide

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Valued Client, 

We have designed this Year-end Guide with you in mind, bringing together important information and dates to be aware of at this busy time of year. 

We look forward to the new year and serving you!

Best Regards,

The Premier Payroll Team

Your Action Items:

Verify Employee Info Check to ensure all (active & terminated) employee social security numbers and addresses are accurate in preparation for Year-end employment tax filing. Click here for the checklist.

Employee Self-Service Did you know that we provide a free service where your employees can access their pay stubs and W-2s from a smartphone or computer 24/7?

Contact us to implement this convenient feature; all you need to do is provide employees' business or personal email address. 

Online Client Access If you don't already have access to your secure client portal, or maybe you just need a refresher, contact us so we can show you how to easily review employee information and access all Year-end reports as they become available.

Need to Know:

Check Stock Supply

Having enough check stock on hand allows you to print checks on-site at your business location and ensure your team gets paid on time, no matter the weather or holiday delivery circumstances. 

Contact us to place your order.


Verify Employee Info: Click here for the checklist

Verify Employer Info: Click here for the checklist

Wires, Bonuses & Processing : Click here for details

Year-end Reminders: Click here for important reminders

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