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Dedicated payroll specialists.

Because when you need answers, there's no time for call centers.

Payroll that's easy to use and intelligent.

At Premier Payroll, our mission is processing our clients payrolls accurately and timely while ensuring compliance with all taxing agencies.


By partnering with us, you can forget about trying to keep up with the ever changing payroll tax laws, wage requirements and other regulations that make payroll much more difficult than it may seem.

Consider the Benefits

Dedicated Payroll Specialists

Our payroll specialists are college educated and hold payroll certifications from the American Payroll Association. Additionally, our staff regularly attend continuing education to stay on top of the ever changing rules and regulations.


We are a full-service payroll company servicing clients nationwide.

Direct Deposit

The quickest way to pay your employees. On each payday, pay is automatically deposited into your employees bank account.

Employee Self-Service

Your employee's can access their pay stubs and W-2's online or via our mobile app. They can also update their withholdings, change their address and more while reducing the number of questions you receive.

Electronic Reports

View, access and download the details of each payroll run online via your secure client portal. Eliminate the paper and have access 24/7. 

Garnishment Service

We can calculate and service various types of garnishments including child-support.

New Hire Reporting

All states require that new hires are reported to the new hire registry and our payroll specialists are happy to handle this process for you.

Year-End W-2s

We will electronically file your W-2's by the due date each year and provide each employee their copy which they can obtain online or via our mobile app.

24/7 Access 365 Days 

With access to your account online you have access to the information you need 24/7.

Tax Compliance

We guarantee that your tax deposits and filings will be calculated accurately and on-time so your business is 100% compliant.

Time Clocks

We offer various types of time & attendance tools to help you better manage your workforce.

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