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Additional Payroll Related Fees

  • Expedited payroll: sent after 10am but before 12pm on due date ($25)


  • Expedited payroll: sent after 12pm but before 2pm on due date ($50)


  • Expedited payroll: sent after 2pm but before 3pm on due date ($75)


  • *Expedited new hire setup ($35/new hire)


  • **Manual entry payroll ($50)


  • Garnishments, child support, employee loans, etc. ($35 setup fee + $10/payroll)


  • Payroll changes ($15)


  • Payroll revisions requested after payroll submitted (additional base fee+ change fee)


  • ***Additional payroll run ($69)


  • State & local tax account registrations ($150/jurisdiction)


  • Printed checks ($25)


  • Remote check printing ($15)


  • Incorrect bank account and/or routing number ($25)


  • Returned check and/or insufficient funds ($25)Bank wire ($150)

  • Providing copies of standardized reports ($35)

  • Customized reports ($50)


*new hire forms should be submitted at least 4 business days prior to the "due in" date of the payroll
**payrolls must be submitted online
***additional payroll runs apply to ANY payroll checks issued outside your normal pay cycle (i.e. bonus checks, vacation pay outs, etc).

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